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Eduardo A. Robleto


Associate Professor


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison

Microbial Genetics



My laboratory studies mechanisms of mutation in cells under conditions of stress. Our model is Bacillus subtilis, a member of the Gram positive/Actinobacteria phylum that forms endospores. Many organisms experiencing stress or non-dividing conditions activate mechanisms, which are either dependent or independent of recombination functions, that result in the increase of genetic diversity. This is also known as stationary phase mutagenesis, stress-induced mutagenesis or adaptive mutagenesis. Such mechanisms are stochastic in nature and increase the likelihood of cells to escape stress or non-replicating conditions. An interesting puzzle within this field is to determine how, or even whether, cells accumulate mutations in genes under selection differently than in genes under neutral selection. A great deal of information has been rapidly generated by examining different aspects of DNA replication and repair. The link between transcription of genes under selection and stationary phase mutagenesis, however, is beginning to be examined. My lab, in collaboration with others, examines how transcription influences the accumulation of mutations in cells under nutritional stress. These processes are universal and have been implicated with health disorders, metabolic expansion and pathogenicity.


School of Life Sciences
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89154-4004 USA

To contact us:

Office: 702-895-2496

Lab: 702-895-2656

Fax: 702-895-3596

E-mail: Eduardo.Robleto@unlv.edu

Recent publications:

Eduardo A Robleto, Holly A Martin and Mario Pedraza-Reyes. Mfd and Transcriptional de-repression cause genetic diversity in Bacillus subtilis stressed cells. Frontiers in Bioscience. In press.


Linh Nguyen, Stan Smith, Mark Buttner, Patricia Cruz and Eduardo A. Robleto. Effect of Elevated carbon dioxide on rhizosphere microbial communities of Larrea tridentate. Journal of Arid Environments. In press.


Bernardo N. Debora, Luz E. Vidales, Rosario Ramirez, Mariana Ramirez, Eduardo Robleto, Ronald E. Yasbin and Mario Pedraza-Reyes. Mismatch Repair modulation of MutY activity drives Bacillus subtilis stationary phase mutagenesis. 2011. J. Bacteriology. 193:3321-3328


Christine Pybus, Mario Pedraza-Reyes, Christian Ross, Holly Martin, Katherine Ona, Ronald E. Yasbin and Eduardo A. Robleto. Transcription-associated mutation in Bacillus subtilis cells under stress. 2010. J. Bacteriology. 193:236-245.


Andrea M. Rivas-Castillo, Ronald E. Yasbin, E. Robleto, Wayne L. Nicholson and Mario Pedraza-Reyes. Role of the Y-family DNA polymerases YqjH and YqjW in protecting sporulating Bacillus subtilis cells from DNA damage. 2010. Current Microbiology. 60:263-267.


Stephanie K. Labahn, Jenny C. Fisher, Eduardo A. Robleto, Michael H. Young, Duane P. Microbially-mediated aerobic and anaerobic degradation of acrylamide in a western U.S. irrigation canal. 2010. Journal of Environmental Quality. 39:1563-1569.





NSF MCB 0843606

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